Terms & Conditions




  • Professional entries to be marked and priced for sale, donated or NFS. For pieces sold, a 30% commission shall be donated to SPARK.  All payments for art will be processed directly with the artist. Artist’s preferred payment method(s) such as Venmo or PayPal accounts must be provided in the registration form. ?
  • Student art will be listed for sale at $25 and is considered a donation. If a student artist does not wish to sell the piece, please indicate NFS on the label. 
  • For more information related to submission or to answer submission questions please email Lori Emerson.




  • All art work will remain at the show through February 12. Purchased and unsold art can be picked up from 5-7 pm on February 12 or 10am-2pm on February 13.   ?
  • Works not picked up may be subject to a fee for removal. SPARK is not responsible for damage or misplacement after the show closes. 




  • Any image submitted may be used for marketing or promotional purposes directly related to this show and may include printed materials, advertisements or electronic media.
  • Copyright and all other rights remain that of the artist.




  • Although reasonable efforts will be undertaken to safeguard exhibitors’ property against loss, damage or theft, SPARK will not be responsible for any loss, damage or theft of exhibitors’ property brought on the premises during the period of the SPARK Art Show. Every precaution will be taken in the handling and exhibiting of work however, the unsold works must be picked up during the Art Outtake. Exhibits not claimed three days after Art Outtake will be donated or discarded. It is up to the discretion of the artist if they wish to procure insurance for their individual work. 
  • By submitting your artwork, you are agreeing to the terms noted throughout this registration & submission with SPARK.
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